Salomon was a school dropout before he entered the Young Focus Love2Learn program in 2016. He was 14 years old. Here is his story:

“I used to collect garbage in exchange for money. I stopped going to school because of family and financial issues. When I got into Young Focus, I can say that my perspective in life started to change. I was introduced to Love2Learn and became part of it. It made me feel as if I was in a regular school.

They prepared me mentally and emotionally. I, myself, noticed my development. I used to be a shy kid, but the activities boosted my confidence to interact with other people and discover my hidden skills. Whenever there were events and activities, I made sure to participate because it opened a door for me to grow and become stronger. I was able to go back to regular school and continue my studies despite the changes in the education system due to the pandemic. Reaching senior high school would have been just so impossible for me before, but with the support and guidance of the people who believe in me, I know I can finish this. I also believe that I’ll be able to take the course in college I really want, which is Civil Engineering.