believes that EDUCATION is the most effective way to tackle poverty faced by children and young people in the slums of Manila, Philippines
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YOUNG FOCUS gives underprivileged children and young people the chance to develop themselves intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually by providing education and supporting their personal growth.

YOUNG FOCUS believes working with the whole family is the key to enhancing the lives of children and future generations.

YOUNG FOCUS wants to see young people develop their (hidden) talents and gifts and, in doing so, escape the vicious circle of poverty.

Pre-school, elementary, high school and college education

Special education for school drop-outs and street youth

Nutrition and nutrition education to prevent and eliminate malnutrition

Social care, education on family care and community development

...children and students enrolled in all our programs drop-outs and street youth in special education programs

...students in our regular sponsorship program

...children in our preschool

In the Smokey Mountain area of Manila, thousands of families rely directly or indirectly on the garbage ‘industry’.

Jobs range from scavenging for recyclable materials to driving bike taxis. The average family income for a family with these jobs is $5 USD/day.

Financial constraints, as well as a lack of educational and social support, mean that many children are unable to complete their education, and in turn, are unable to break the cycle of poverty.

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5 days ago

Young Focus


Classroom Without Walls at International School Manila (ISM) means fantastic days full of many different activities, games and sports for our Love2Learn kids (young school dropouts).

Rebecca Deguito, Love2Learn coordinator, says: “Both ISM and L2L students had fun and created friendship in just 4 days of activities. Our students really enjoyed every moment they spent with their buddies at ISM. They played together, they made cards, they danced, they made tie-dye shirts, they read books, they played games…
The L2L kids also had the chance to try wall climbing. Some of them were afraid of heights, but they still went for it because their buddy was cheering them on.” 🙂

Thank you so much ISM for another great Classroom Without Walls experience!!!
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