After finishing Senior High school, Jobel decided to pursue her dream course– BS Criminology. To manage her time as a working student was challenging, but she didn’t give up on her studies. She was also one of the active students attending our weekly tutorials and life skills sessions. After she graduated, she prepared and took a board exam and she passed!

“Young Focus really helped me a lot financially, also, they helped me cope with problems in life through the life skills training. I am now comfortable having people to talk to about schooling and personal matters.

They supported and trusted me a lot, I remember the time when I had a problem in college because there was problem with regards to my tuition fee balance. It turned out that I still had unpaid fees. My first response was to stop and work double to settle it. But my Young Focus coordinators agreed to settle the payment. I was really happy and cried a lot during our meeting and when I walked back home, I just couldn’t believe that I could still continue my studies during that semester.

Sometimes, when I remember those things, I cried because I realized how God is really loving, powerful, and helped me get through it all. My Young Focus coordinators always made me feel that nothing is impossible. The trust they have given me motivated me a lot.

Young Focus doesn’t only care about the relationships among its beneficiaries, but also creates harmony in our home because they also provide teaching for our guardians and parents. I know I can’t thank you enough for helping me through this. But all I can say is that you helped me change my perspective in life. You lend your helping hand and I was able to hold onto it and make it up to here.

Those were very tough years as a working student, and I became tougher because of you. You believed in me and so I made it. One day, I will also be able to give service as my gratitude for your kindness. Thank you so much!”