Jovy is a former beneficiary of Young Focus who is now the coordinator/coach for children from Grade 1 to Grade 4. It was a challenge to do teaching through modular and online activities. She was frustrated sometimes when she couldn’t give to the children as much as she wanted to from behind the computer screen. That was why she was really excited when we could finally start having full blast face-to-face tutorials again in 2022.

“In June, there was a reading assessment before we started classes to find out to respond to the reading problems my pupils had. It was not easy for those moved up to Grade 3 without the experience of face-to-face classes. Their attention span and retention was shorter, so we needed to go back to the fundamentals taught in Grade 1!

Together with their parents, we strived to improve their reading and social skills. At the same time, we helped them realize the importance of education. That had been gradually disappearing among the kids, which is why some were demotivated to continue learning.

As a coordinator, one of the things I’ve learned is to appreciate the tasks given. There is a reason why you are in a particular situation or position. When you find your purpose, you won’t look at it as merely a job, but you will give your best because you know that your hard work will bear fruit. It’s so fulfilling to see them learn and to be part of their development. What I envision for my students is not only that they finish their studies and become professionals, but also that they carry the values we gave them.”