“Hi, I’m Edlyn! I have been a beneficiary of Young Focus since I was in preschool. I can still remember there were many activities such as singing and drawing we did. I liked and enjoyed them very much.

I’m now in Grade 6 and I am very happy because lockdown is finally over. I don’t have to think whether I can attend my online class or not because of bad internet connection. I won’t have trouble understanding lessons when the signal is weak in Google meet.

Studying was difficult in the years of Covid-19. I used to get help from my mom who took care of me, but ever since she passed away it all became difficult. Since then, my sisters have been the ones guiding me. I am grateful for my siblings because we look after each other.

My favorite thing at Young focus are the tutorials and life skills sessions where I can enjoy the activities with my friends and learn at the same time. I also had fun during the last Christmas party because that’s when we finally got together after 2 years.

Young Focus has helped me with my studies and my family. It has made my studies easier because of the free tutorials and educational materials I need. Because of that I often get awards in school such as being the top 1 and other certificates of recognition.

Now, I am about to graduate from elementary school and am working even harder in school to show my gratefulness to the people who have been supporting me.”