BS in Office Administration
Polytechnic University of the Philippines

I was really grateful for having my sponsorship and for the opportunity that Young Focus gave me. Before, I thought that Young Focus only helps with financial needs, but when I started attending the activities, I realized that I was wrong. Young Focus really helps us students who want to finish our studies by also boosting students’ self-esteem – through encouraging different activities for us to participate in. I was a really shy type before. I was not participating in school activities because I lacked self-confidence. But because of Young Focus’ activities I started participating in class during our recitations and reporting. Our Young Focus tutorials every Saturday also helped me to gain more knowledge and also to practice speaking/writing in English. Our Young Focus coordinators played a big role, they were like our big brothers and sisters who consistently encouraged us to pursue our studies no matter what happened. They made time to listen to us and to our concerns, not only in academics, but also about other problems. 

I will start my job hunting right after my graduation. I would like to have a job as soon as possible in order to help my family and give back after all the sacrifices and support they’ve made for me. I also want to enroll and study Stenography.

I would like to thank my sponsor for all the help they gave me. Without my sponsor it will be impossible for me to graduate from college. I am really grateful and I feel blessed to be part of your sponsorship.

Once again, thank you for giving me the chance to live my dream and finish my studies. May God continue to guide, bless, and use you to help other people.