What a fantastic day we had celebrating Young Focus’s 10 year anniversary with the students! In the morning there were creative workshops – music, acting/improvisation, and watercolor painting. In the afternoon it was Party Time at one of the local basketball courts, with all kinds of speeches and performances from local artists.

Not just in the Philippines, also in the Netherlands there was a special happening. Young Focus Netherlands is the birthplace of Young Focus. It all started there in 1992 when we began sponsoring children in the Philippines through another organization. Then in 2008 Young Focus established its first student center in the Philippines with 225 children in our school sponsorship program.

Now, 10 years later we have grown to over 1,000 children in different programs. Besides the sponsorship of children to go to school, special programs have been established for school dropouts, Young Focus reaches out to the families and children through social care, as well as family care, and Young Focus now runs a preschool.

So much to be thankful for as we got together in the Netherlands and the Philippines with children, staff and supporters.