A new center in Naic, Cavite...


In 2019 about 1000 families were relocated by the government to ‘Ericka Louise Ville’ (Naic, Cavite). Most of them came from the slums in Manila, including 60 of our beneficiaries. Young Focus constructed a student center on 250 m2 of land near where these families live. This building serves as a central location from which Young Focus can conduct and coordinate student and school activities. The main meeting room is big enough for at least 100 people. 

Activities in the center includes:

  1. Tutorials and life skills sessions for students
  2. Training for parents on family care
  3. Computer lab and library for student use
  4. Education for children who have dropped out of school
  5. Preschool classes

Do you need more information?

Please contact us via our email address: info@youngfocus.org