Throughout the years we have come to appreciate the importance of the parents in the process of educating their children.

For all levels of our beneficiaries, from preschool to college, there are mandatory training sessions for their parents, including practical topics on how to run a family.

Each family faces the daily challenge of having enough food on the table. How to budget time and money is one of the topics that we discuss on a regular basis. Our Family Care team and social workers have a year plan covering a number of topics:

• Brain Development of a Child
• Nutrition Education
• Keeping your Child Safe from Abuse
• Success Despite Poverty
• Home Management, Time Management, Financial Management, Basic Stress Management
• Understanding a Child’s Behavior
• Are You Satisfied With How You Are Raising Your Child?
• 7P’s Strategy of Parents
• HIV Awareness
• Importance of Education
• Guide on How to Unleash the Highest Potential of  Your Present or Future Marriage
• Importance of Family
• Family Planning

Assessment is done on a regular basis as well. While reflecting on their experiences during the tests, parents were encouraged to remember that we should never stop learning.

Preventing Dropouts
Working together with the parents is also essential in preventing students from dropping out of school. Our team of social workers held two days of meetings with the parents on this topic. One of the social workers, reports: “The purpose of the meetings was to raise awareness and deepen understanding about the possible causes and effects of children dropping out from school. With the help of the different activities we facilitated, the parents were able to identify these causes and effects.”

Our social workers set out their strategy and plans on how to tackle the issues they encounter when dealing with poverty. The breakdown of the issues they encountered is as follows:
Academic issues/ dropouts: 16.33%
Health related: 22.45%
Behavioral: 24.49%
Violation of law: 32.65%