Wildest Dreams Come True with Nadine

Through the Wildest Dreams Come True project, we hope to empower the youth and encourage them to chase after their wildest dreams.

Wildest Dreams is a sonic adventure into the mind and heart of Nadine’s artistry. Drawing from personal experiences we hear and feel true reflection throughout this album. A fusion of Rhythm and Blues POP and Dance help further the listener into the dreamy world Nadine has created for them. Sounds meticulously chosen show a beautiful attention to detail ranging from recordings of beaches and mountains in the Philippines to indigenous instruments used as the backbone of different tracks to make them truly unique.

Nadine stays true to her roots while also bringing something new and fresh to her listeners bringing all of her influences together for an experience that is true to the name of the album.

SHERLYN DELA CRUZ / 18 / Grade 7

“I became interested in computers, researching things, places, people and learning from it. I used to explore these things when I was in school or in Young Focus, but because of pandemic and we don’t have any gadgets to use, I cannot do it.

I have always wanted to finish my studies and become a successful person despite being a deaf. I used to believe that I am limited to the things I am capable of, but I was enlightened that like any other students, I can do things that would help me grow.”

JUDILYN DE JESUS / 17 / Grade 11

“Today’s learning modality is a big test for me. I have to rent a PC in a computer shop to get online and keep up with my classes even though I know it’s dangerous. It is difficult not to have a cellphone or a computer. I wish I had it to help with my studies. I also have difficulty in reading because I have vision problems. The reading glasses my mother had bought me were already broken. I hope that I have new glasses to make it more convenient for my study. Once I have a cell phone and eyeglasses to use, I plan to start an online business to save and help my family even in a small way.”

BAI KAREN GUIAPAR / 14 / Grade 9

“Growing up, I saw how my mom struggles and works for our family. Especially during this pandemic, it was hard to find a source of income to support our family. Now that another school year’s coming, I don’t have anything to use for my online classes. I am an honor student so it was hard for me to adjust in this new normal system in school with limited access. I really want to finish my studies to help my mom and to give back the sacrifices she has done for our family. So, all I want is a gadget that can help me in my studies and survive this school year.”


Wildest Dreams Come True #20for2020


The pandemic has brought about many trials and challenges to the Filipino people and as a way to address one of the many setbacks, Nadine, in partnership with Careless, is initiating a campaign donation drive entitled “Wildest Dreams Come True #20for2020″, for the benefit of Young Focus.

Proceeds from this campaign will be used to create “Study-From-Home-Kits” that will greatly help the students of Tondo, Manila adjust to the current online learning set up. Through this, Nadine hopes to equip the youth with tools that will facilitate their learning and continuous quest for knowledge.

The Study-From-Home-Kits will provide 50 kids with a portable study table, a pocket wifi and a set of school supplies for their educational needs. Nadine and Careless will also conduct a series of online workshops with themes such as self-confidence, self-discipline and overcoming disadvantages.


Support us in helping the youth fulfill their wildest dreams!


Donate 20 PHP to Young Focus help build Study-From-Home kits

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 Bank Information Philippines


Bank: BPI

Account Name: Young Focus for Education

& Development Foundation, Inc.

Account no.: 4651003658


Bank: BDO

Account Name: Young Focus for Education

& Development Foundation, Inc.

Account no.: 004398012027



Account Name: Young Focus for Education

& Development Foundation, Inc.

Account no.: 0000023205632