What We Do

Our programs are
tailor-made for the specific needs; giving children the opportunity to develop intellectually as well as creatively, spiritually and socially

Child Care PLUS

Young Focus’ early childhood education program is for children aged 3 – 5 years old. The main objective is to provide quality education which helps the child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development. It also provides them with life skills, play and basic education.

School sponsorship for elementary, high school and college students

For students aged 6 to 20+, Young Focus provides school fees, uniforms, books and other school materials. In addition, Young Focus runs compulsory tutorials for all sponsored students in the program at the Student Center, which has a computer room, a library, classrooms and recreational areas for students to use.
Students can participate in writing classes, arts and music lessons and dance groups, building students’ confidence and providing a space for them to grow as individuals.
Once Young Focus students graduate from college, Young Focus uses its network of companies and contacts to support the graduates in finding a job. Young Focus college graduates (Young Professionals) manage their own group and activities, with support from Young Focus staff.


This program focuses on children who have dropped out of elementary school due to poverty and a lack of educational and social support. Young Focus provides tutorials for these children for 1 year before re-enrolling them into the local schools, and works with the families to solve any problems that might get in the way of the children completing their education.
Love2Learn students are aged 8 – 15. As well as these daily classes, Young Focus also works with the parents to instill the importance of education and motivate them to support their children in completing school.


The ALS program is the formal ‘study acceleration’ program of the government. It allows us to work with students who can’t re-enroll into high school as they have been out of school for too long. Students receive an official (4 year) high school certificate upon completion. The program runs for one year. After that they can continue in senior high school or they can study a vocational course.

YoUNgLI (Young Unlimited)

The YoUNgLI program works with the most vulnerable 15+ year olds who have never received an education and are often addicted to solvents. They are provided with a safe space to hang out and receive training in hygiene, education, personal coaching and life skills with the aim of recapturing their love for education and re-enrolling them in school.
‘YoUNgLIs’ are some of the most vulnerable and at-risk youth in the Smokey Mountain area where Young Focus works. Staff first focus on meeting the YoUNgLIs’ basic needs of food, hygiene and health. Then staff begin to provide opportunities, space and time for personal development, discovering their talents and educating them. The objective is to recapture their vision and desire for education, and to assist them in enrolling in school again, or in finding a job training program.


About 100 children from the school dropouts programs receive a daily nutritious meal from Combat Malnutrition. In addition, teaching on nutrition, health and hygiene is given to mothers. The training for mothers of children from preschool age onwards is a vital element to the program so that children can eat nutritious meals at home, and mothers have a better understanding of how to keep their children healthy. The objective of Combat Malnutrition is to eliminate malnutrition and promote healthy eating, educating mothers on how to cook good meals.

Family Care & Social Support

Young Focus gives training on health, hygiene, nutrition, parenting skills, family planning, spiritual and mental health, as well as the rights of the child to all parents of Young Focus students. Parent Leaders are also engaged and empowered to support Young Focus families in the community. It is vital that parents have the skills, social support and knowledge to bring up their children in the best way possible and can support them during their studies.
Individual and group support too is given to the parents, as well as teaching them the importance of education, empowering them with knowledge on how to deal with difficult situations, and providing a support network for them to tap into.
The Social Work Team identifies personal issues our students have and family problems. Often these issues are the cause of dropping out of school so our social workers’ goal is to solve the issues. The team identifies why the children drop out of school, whether it is because of academic, financial, health or behavioral reasons, or because of a violation of the law. The team implements Young Focus child protection policy guidelines.

Young Focus’ DNA Is All About Education

We educate children all the way from preschool to college. Young Focus believes that education is the most effective way to end poverty in a child’s life.
Different programs meet the many needs children experience in poverty. The approach depends on their age, their history, their capabilities and the scope of the family’s needs.