We are aiming for 1000 students from preschool to university to receive education this coming school year.

One school bag full of school materials, uniforms and shoes etc costs only USD 25.

Please fill out below how many school bags you want to sponsor.

At the end of August, schools will open up again in the Philippines and it looks like face-to-face classes will be allowed after more than 2 years of distance learning! As Young Focus we are excited about the new opportunities, but how much more the students and teachers!!!

Studying face-to-face will even be a completely new experience for the younger children! The pandemic has really set back children’s development and caused an increased school dropout rate in the Philippines. Dropping out of school totally eliminates their future opportunities. Many youth will turn to scavenging as their source of livelihood.


However, Young Focus is committed to giving the poorest of the poor the opportunities to enroll in school again. We will be inviting students and their parents to visit our centers this coming month: they will register for the new school year and receive school materials, uniforms, shoes and, of course, a school bag.

The amount for one school bag is USD 25. How many school bags would you like to donate?


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